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AXLR8 - Are you ready!?

Get to know one of the most amazing and rewarding projects ever!

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Opening Ceremony




Coffe Break


Caucus Time & Opening of Commitees



End of Day 1














= 238 PEOPLE

Our Guest Speaker

Carl Erik-Wiberg was born in 1938 and is a Swedish citizen. From 1969 to 1995 he served as an employee of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), for which organization he worked in various countries in Africa and in Asia as well as at headquarters in New York. Mr. Erik-Wiberg started out as program officer in 1969 and after 13 years was appointed Resident Representative and UN Coordinator to Lesotho in southern Africa. Together with his family, they remained there for a little more than 4 years. Thereafter he was assigned as Resident Representative to North Korea, a country with which UNDP had signed an agreement of cooperation in 1979, about the same time as with China. Our three children had by then left for school in Sweden (IB). After DPRK Mr. Erik Wiberg was assigned to Malaysia and was also accredited to Singapore and the Sultanate of Brunei as UNDP Regional Representative. That assignment ended in 1995 and was also his last for UNDP. Since then, he  worked in Afghanistan and in Palestine for Swedish Sida and retired finally in 1998 at 60 years of age. 

Our MUN Director

Edwin Hendrikus Kolen was born in 1965 in the Netherlands. He studied Geography, History, Urban Planning and Economics at the University of Tilburg and Amsterdam. As a Geographer and academic research assistant at the University of Amsterdam he lived and worked in Burkina Faso, Surinam and Brazil. He has been working in education since 1994 in secondary schools in the Netherlands and later at CLIP. At CLIP he had a variety of functions and he is at the moment Upper School Director (Forms 9&10) and part of the CLIP Leadership Team. He is, together with his wife and daughter, very much enjoying life in Portugal.It was in 2002 he observed for the first time a Model United Nations conference. He was immediately convinced about the educational values of the MUN for the participating students; debating world issues, teamwork, negotiation, personal development among many others. He has as a MUN Director been an inspired observer and learner in many conferences in the North of Portugal, Lisbon, Paris and of course the OPOMUN.

Our Secretary General

We are proud to introduce José Miguel Moura as our Secretary General for the 2014th OPOMUN conference. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow as a MUNer over the last 5 years. Dedication, passion and determination are staples of his character which have been inspiring to all-in particular the younger ones. His engagement and commitment have greatly contributed to the MUN spirit being deeply engrained in our school culture. Now in his final year, he wishes to give back to the school to which he owes so much. “MUNs have given me a new insight in life which I hope to share with all of you these 3 days. I hope you enjoy this conference as much as I.

Our Deputy Secretary General

This year’s OPOMUN Deputy-Secretary General is José Neves, a veteran of Model United Nation’s conferences. He is the schools most senior debater having participated in 17 MUN’s, winning several honorable mentions and awards along the way. He is an aspiring politician, with a key interest in history, economics and public speaking, one of the reasons that drove him into the Opomun. He said “ The MUN’s have developed my ability to think on my feet by allowing me to speak in public and debate, demonstrating flexibility, changing tactics in the midst and defending the un-defendable at times”.

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